About Elvis-people.

There are many websites about Elvis, his music, his concerts, his clothing, etc but therre are very few websites that are about his fans. This website gives each registered member their own page where they can upload upto 5 photos, either of themselves, their Elvis room, their favourite Elvis items, or anything Elvis related. They will be able to say something about themselves, why they like/love Elvis, and what their favourite song, album, and Elvis decades are. Also they have the option of having a guestbook so that other members can leave messages.

The first photo that registered members upload will be displayed on the main page. When other members click on these photos they will view that user's page.

Once there are over 40 registrated members I will add a search feature so searches can be done for members from a certain country, age range, gender, etc. Also I will let members pick more than one favourite song and album.

I hope you enjoy using this website.

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Gary, the administrator.