Elvis-people.com Code of Conduct and Terms of Use.

  1. Please do not create a screen name that is intended to aggravate or incite other members, or that references controversial religious topics, notorious people or organizations, or current or historical events that may be considered inflammatory or inappropriate. Elvis-people.com reserves the right to change any username that is deemed inappropriate for any reason. If in doubt, please ask first.

  2. Do not post links to websites that violate our Code of Conduct.

  3. Do not post links to websites that contain materials that might harm another user's computer, such as viruses or Trojans.

  4. Do not post racist, sexist or discriminative comments.

  5. Do not impersonate or harass Elvis-people.com users.

  6. Please do not impersonate another member or screen name (including "faking" a screen name by using similar-looking text characters).

Elvis-people.com disclaimer

  1. If you violate the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use, your account may be suspended or permanently deactivated. While we will endeavor to inform you of the reasons for our actions, Elvis-people.com is not obligated to warn you before taking any action on your account.

  2. Elvis-people.com is not obligated to monitor guestbook posts, but we reserve the right to remove any post or user we feel has violated the letter or the spirit of our Code of Conduct or Terms of Use.

  3. Elvis-people.com does not accept responsibility for views, opinions and comments expressed by members of Elvis-people.com on their pages and in the guestbooks.

  4. Elvis-people.com reserves the right to remove any user-created or uploaded content at any time, without notice.

  5. Some offences may warrant a warning, while others will result in immediate account suspension (until Investigated and then you will be informed of the outcome, the decision will be final). We reserve sole judgment in all such matters. In almost all cases, severe racial remarks or hate speech, profane usernames, uploading pornographic or violent images or any image that Elvis-people.com deems unsuitable, posting viruses or URLs to viruses will result in immediate and permanent removal from Elvis-people.com.


The information that you enter during registration, the photographs that you upload and the comments that you enter on your Elvis page and into members’ guestbooks are all held at Data Centres on a server that has 24/7 monitoring by Internet specialists, 150+ permanently recording video cameras, safety locks and more ensure that only authorised personnel can enter Data Centres.
Your information will NOT be passed on to third parties.
Your information can only be seen and accessed by the administrator of Elvis-people.com.

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